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Reckless Courage: The True Story of a Norwegian Boy Under Nazi Rule

By William Fuller with Jack Haines

Full of engaging anecdotes and inspirational stories, Reckless Courage portrays the warmth, humor, and persistence of a Norwegian family during the German occupation of World War II. The book centers on the exploits of young Gunnar Høines, working as an errand boy at a hotel housing German officers. A wealth of historical detail does much to counter the virtually unrecognized importance of Norway in World War II. There are some intriguing observations. The impetuous decision to invade Norway eventually cost Hitler the war. A Norwegian colonel, disobeying orders, changed the course of history. Norway's world monoply on "heavy water" gave Germany a false sense of security in nuclear research: a crucial factor in its failure to make an atomic bomb.

William Fuller, a graduate of Harvard College and Business School, spent his career in finance. He has traveled extensively in Norway and has had a lifelong interest in 20th century European history.

Jack Haines was a member of Milorg, the organized Norwegian resistance, and delivered machine guns in the Stavanger region. After the war, he served in the elite 100-man King's Guard before emigrating to America. His exceptional recall of the occupation years, family life, and his younger brother's exploits make a delightful and fascinating story.

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ISBN 0-9769252-0-6