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Reckless Courage: The True Story of a Norwegian Boy Under Nazi Rule

Praise for the Book

"..a captivating issue of survival under German rule.." , "A welcome and much appreciated addition to World War II history and narrative shelves."

The Midwest Book Review's Small Press Bookwatch, December 2005

Selected by Renaissance Learning, Inc. to be included along with a related quiz in their Accelerated Reader Program used in over 58,000 schools in the United States and Canada.

"Besides being of interest to the South Coast’s sizeable Norwegian population, readers who enjoy stories of the triumph of the human spirit in adversity will appreciate Gunnar Haines’ story-how an ordinary boy conducted himself in a world completely changed by the April 9, 1940, invasion of his homeland."

Chris Reagle, columnist, The Sentinel , MPG Newspapers, Plymouth, MA.

"Don’t be fooled thinking this is a book for young adults. It’s for everyone interested in World War II and a charming story. There are surprises for history buffs to ponder."

Neil Wollman, Professor, Manchester College

"I have read the charming story with great interest… It is valuable to be able to see and experience historical events through the eyes and minds of one specific family. I have also given an oral presentation of the book to all my colleagues at the Reading Centre here at Stavanger University…. I am sure the book will be especially suitable for youngsters who are learning English, since the story is so exciting….I will certainly recommend the books to others."

Ingolv Austad, Director, Reading Centre, Stavanger University

"This book shares the real-life experiences of one Norwegian family, focusing on the exploits of young Gunnar Hoines, who resisted the Nazis in his own small ways….. the appendices address broader issues about the strategic importance of Norway during the war….Taken as a whole package, the book succeeds in giving both a personal and big-picture look at Norway during World War II."

Viking Magazine, November 2005 : one of five books reviewed and recommended in this, their annual gift suggestion issue.

"..a captivating issue of survival under German rule, and the appendices raise thought-provoking questions such as whether Norway was more important in World War II than historically recognized….. A welcome and much-appreciated addition to World War II history and narrative shelves,"

The Midwest Book Review’s Small Press Bookwatch, December 2005