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Reckless Courage: The True Story of a Norwegian Boy Under Nazi Rule

Table of Contents:

Maps: Norway and Northern Europe, April 1940; Stavanger and Surroundings
Chronology of Norway During World War II
1 Norway, December 1939
2 School and Home
3 Christmas in Hinna
4 The Invasion
5 A Turbulent Day
6 Steinsøy Island
7 The Dismal Month of May
8 Germany Tightens the Screws
9 The Steinsøy Harvest
10 The Low Point
11 Norway, Hitler’s “Zone of Destiny”
12 The Resourceful Boys
13 Encounters With the Germans
14 December 1942: The Turning Point
15 The Hotel Victoria
16 The Radio
17 The Russian Prisoners
18 Outfoxing the Germans
19 The Gestapo
20 Liberation
Appendix A A Brief History of Norway
Appendix B The Vikings
Appendix C Norway: Hitler’s Downfall?
Appendix D Military and Naval Anecdotes
Suggested Reading and Bibliography